Martin Smith (UK) is a singer and songwriter of rare ability and passion. His mixture of skill and integrity has wowed audiences inside and outside the walls of the Church since the early 1990s.

As a member of the christian rock and worship band Delirious? he toured until 2009, inspiring christians all over the world with songs as “Rain Down”, “Lord You Have My Heart” and “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever”.

Today there are new songs, new audiences to be wowed, but the passion, the desire for connection and transformation burns stronger than ever.

Martin has managed, somehow, to maintain the fire, the intensity, of hope and love which fueled him more than 20 years ago.

Martin will be performing at Art of Faith Festival on Saturday May 13th 2023. Are you in?

Read more about Martin on his web page.

Trinity (NL) is a faith based band that mixes music styles from all over the world to create a intruiging sound.

From Peruvian folk to African rhythms, they blend genres into an eclectic music experience that is sweet to the ears and uplifting to the soul.

Trinity is formed by three Dutch brothers raised as missionary kids in Peru, Elbert (lead vocals, flutes, saxophone), Johan (acoustic guitars) and Niek Smelt (Drums, percussion), and Dutch-raised Bert Bos (bass).

They have performed on stage all over Europe and the world, making their audience dance and jump in honor of the Lord.

Trinity will be performing at Art of Faith Festival on Friday May 12th 2023.

Learn more about their adventures on their web page.

Paul Colman (AU) is a Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter/speaker/producer/entertainer.

He has performed on 6 out of 7 continents and in all 50 States of the USA. He has written hit singles, garnered numerous awards and has sold hundreds of thousands of records.

In 2003 his band, the Paul Colman Trio, was nominated for a Grammy Award for best Pop Contemporary Gospel Album.

Paul still travels the globe singing and speaking and sharing his songs, thoughts and faith. Sept 2017 saw him release “MOST REQUESTED”, his most current collection of songs.

Paul will be performing at Art of Faith Festival on Friday May 12th 2023.

Read more about Paul on his web page.

After the sudden loss of his father aged 11, Pete McAllen aka Pyramid Park (UK) partly found comfort in making music and writing songs.
This period of life taught him sensitivity, feel and intuition that has served his songwriting to this day.
He decided to help other people with their struggles by putting everything into his art.

Pyramid Park loves how songs can open up conversations after gigs…real authentic connection with real authentic fans.
Pyramid Park has toured 7 countries, on the back of two albums (Not an Island, Vulnerability) and an EP all as a UK indie artist.
McAllen Embodies indie spirit, running Pyramid Park from his garage as an indie label, writing, filming and creating new merchandise.

Pyramid Park will be performing at Art of Faith Festival on Saturday May 13th 2023.

Discover more via this link.


StereoSnap’s (FR) music has best been described as handcrafted pop.

This French band can take any aspect of life, be it money, romantic love or faith and try to look at it through the prism of biblical truth. God has deep wisdom to share about everything we experience, so why not (humbly) put it to song.

Imagine an rnb soul singer coupled (quite literally) with a guitarist who strums à la Tom Misch and who plays synths and bass and other electronic sounds by pressing buttons (à la FKJ). Then bring a hiphop drummer into the mix, who occasionally becomes a live looping DJ.

StereoSnap will perform on the main stage on Saturday.

Visit their web page.

Mike Shining (BE) has something unique in store for you, a new genre, “Rap Gospel”, far removed from the clichés of street and church.

In a music industry constantly looking for originality, Gospel Rap takes the basics of two established musical styles and makes them more accessible to the public.

In his lyrics, Mike brings a message of hope from negro spirituals in the purest tradition of hip hop and urban music in the broadest sense.

Mike Shining likes to combine what seems naturally opposite.

Mike will perform on the main stage on Saturday afternoon, 13 May.


Pronounced as ‘heaven’ HAVAN is the umbrella under which Hanne Vanhyfte-Dollery shares her ‘moments of inspiration’.

She aspires to marry the eclectic nature of music with storytelling and capture the sound of this time to meet the 21st century human. As a millennial, she has the tools and freedom to unapologetically tiptoe between different genres and sonic terrains. She intends to use the connections she has with various cultures and places and collaborate with people from all walks of life.

HAVAN will be performing on the small stage on Saturday night.

Rogier Pelgrim (NL) is an inspired songwriter and storyteller. ‘With his God-given voice he gets a room quiet as a mouse’ was once said about him.

His musical heroes include Johnny Cash, Sufjan Stevens and Damien Rice.

In 2012, he became better known when he participated in the television programme De Beste Singer Songwriter van Nederland. He has performed over 800 gigs in living rooms, theatres, clubs and at festivals since 2009.

At the Art Of Faith, he will perform on Friday evening from his old English-language repertoire but will also play new Dutch-language work.

Visit his web page.

Benjamin Vermeulen (BE) is a singer-songwriter who strives to make unpretentious music in his own language.

With a sense of wonder, he looks at life and seeks poetry and music in it.

The result are songs that aim to bridge the distance.

Together with his band, he makes every effort to make each stage as small as possible and to touch your heart.

Benjamin performs at Art of Faith on Saturday night, 13 May 2023.

Visit his website.


When Jan Jakob (DE) picks up his guitar and starts singing, loose and groovy songs come out.

Jan Jakob observes the world passing by him and draws inspiration from it. He covers funny ideas as well as the big and important topics of life. Directly, without detours, but always creatively and unobtrusively.

One thing is certain: when Jan Jakob performs, the audience will have known!

Jan Jakob and his band warm us up for Martin Smith on Saturday night.

Discover more via this link.

Papa Jack Couch (USA) is a singer/songwriter of insight, with a deeply experienced emotion.

He performs originals forged over long years of two-lane blacktops and smoke-rise sundowns, with direct influences reaching back to Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash.

A tragic automobile accident in 2009 took the life of his beloved wife Anne. In the following years as his life began to be reconstructed, music returned and then blossomed into a late career, spanning three albums and numerous performances.

He’s now enabling both new and experienced songwriters to extend their creativity, and to write, record and distribute new music for outreach.

Papa Jack will be performing on Saturday May 13th, 2023.

Visit his website.

The musical style and tastes of the members of Kiwisap (BE) vary quite a bit, but their repertoire is mostly smooth sailing with some country, funky notes and the occasional touch of nostalgia.

They play covers of bands, but also like to deconstruct some songs and give them an acoustic vibe.

The band members share a great love for music and some of them use this passion in their professional daily lives.

Making music together creates a close bond that they try to translate into their music vibe as a band.

Kiwisap may close the festival on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

Sand artist Immanuel Boie performs on Sunday morning his family show ‘Especially for You’, based on Max Lucado’s children’s picture book.

This short performance is a parable about God giving us talents and us often not seeing them.

The message of the story? Do above all what you are good at, to help others.

Experience this show together as a family at 9.30am or at 10am in the Kids Zone.

Take a look at his web page.

The One Man Show is a creation of Ben van den Akker, who has 25 years of experience in developing and presenting children’s programmes for evangelism.

His special way of evangelising, especially by performing as a Christian magician, received ample media attention.

Among others, he featured in the TV programmes Nova, Spijkertijd, Het Elfde Uur, De Verandering and Catherine Keyl.

He also participated in EO Family Days, Chris Foundation and several times in the big Pentecostal Opwekking conference.

Experience this family show on Saturday morning at 11am in the Kids Zone.

Visit his web page.

KISI (BE) is an international family of children, young people and adults who set out with songs and musicals to the glory of God. Together they want to discover God, develop talents, experience, tell the Good News, and live with Jesus every day.

Twice a year (during the autumn and Easter holidays), KISI brings together a group of children and young people to experience faith together for about five days. During such a camp, a musical is rehearsed and on the last day it is performed before an audience.

There is also time for catechesis, games, prayer, Eucharist, relaxation, good food and lots of fun.

Over the last 10 years, KISI has welcomed hundreds of children and young people.

During the Art of Faith Festival, KISI will entertain young and old on Saturday.

Follow their latest adventures on this page.

La Chapelle Sauvage is an artistic house with many rooms. It originated under the impulse of Belgian conductor Karel De Wilde as an international initiative of young professional musicians coming from all over the world. What brought them together and characterises them is a wild and untameable musical ambition with a contemporary, critical and reflective attitude.

Notwithstanding their permanent core, their line-up constantly changes according to the repertoire, which includes a wide variety of chamber music and works for symphonic orchestra and regular collaboration with choirs and international soloists. In doing so, they always seek a creative and authentic performance, using the knowledge and most modern techniques available today.

For their concert at the Art of Faith festival on saturday afternoon, Karel is bringing 4 strings to perform Haydn’s meditations on the seven last words of Christ on the cross.

“The seven last words of Christ” – Joseph Haydn

This masterpiece by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn was written especially for the cavern of the cross in Cadiz. It begins with an overture followed by seven meditations, aural staging as it were, on the seven last words of the Saviour on the cross.

The cavern was dark, lit only by candlelight around the cross, and between each musical meditation the bishop read one of the seven last words each time
(“Father why hast thou forsaken me”, “I thirst”, “Woman see there thy son” etc). Haydn poured each of the seven last words into a different musical, always with sonata form structure and tone at the end a tremendous earthquake “Il terremote”.

It is among the top works of string quartet literature, the very genre Haydn is the father of!



Ambience and conviviality are guaranteed with these three friends who alternate classics from the New Orleans repertoire with more recent jazz standards, a bossa,…

The Gentle JazzMen (BE) are formed by Jurgen Willems (vocals, clarinet, alto saxophone), Patrick Van den Heede (guitar, tenor banjo) and Leo De Potter (double bass).

The Gentle JazzMen provide a cosy get together on Saturday noon.

The winners of our Band Contest

Time to perform: Friday 12th of May 2023 at 7 p.m.


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