Martin Smith (UK) is a singer and songwriter of rare ability and passion. His mixture of skill and integrity has wowed audiences inside and outside the walls of the Church since the early 1990s.

As a member of the christian rock and worship band Delirious? he toured until 2009, inspiring christians all over the world with songs as “Rain Down”, “Lord You Have My Heart” and “I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever”.

Today there are new songs, new audiences to be wowed, but the passion, the desire for connection and transformation burns stronger than ever.

Martin has managed, somehow, to maintain the fire, the intensity, of hope and love which fueled him more than 20 years ago.

Martin will be performing at Art of Faith Festival on Saturday May 13th 2023. Are you in?

Read more about Martin on his web page.

Trinity (NL) is a faith based band that mixes music styles from all over the world to create a intruiging sound.

From Peruvian folk to African rhythms, they blend genres into an eclectic music experience that is sweet to the ears and uplifting to the soul.

Trinity is formed by three Dutch brothers raised as missionary kids in Peru, Elbert (lead vocals, flutes, saxophone), Johan (acoustic guitars) and Niek Smelt (Drums, percussion), and Dutch-raised Bert Bos (bass).

They have performed on stage all over Europe and the world, making their audience dance and jump in honor of the Lord.

Trinity will be performing at Art of Faith Festival on Friday May 12th 2023.

Learn more about their adventures on their web page.

After the sudden loss of his father aged 11, Pete McAllen aka Pyramid Park (UK) partly found comfort in making music and writing songs.
This period of life taught him sensitivity, feel and intuition that has served his songwriting to this day.
He decided to help other people with their struggles by putting everything into his art.

Pyramid Park loves how songs can open up conversations after gigs…real authentic connection with real authentic fans.
Pyramid Park has toured 7 countries, on the back of two albums (Not an Island, Vulnerability) and an EP all as a UK indie artist.
McAllen Embodies indie spirit, running Pyramid Park from his garage as an indie label, writing, filming and creating new merchandise.

Pyramid Park will be performing at Art of Faith Festival on Saturday May 13th 2023.

Discover more via this link.


StereoSnap’s (FR) music has best been described as handcrafted pop.

This French band can take any aspect of life, be it money, romantic love or faith and try to look at it through the prism of biblical truth. God has deep wisdom to share about everything we experience, so why not (humbly) put it to song.

Imagine an rnb soul singer coupled (quite literally) with a guitarist who strums à la Tom Misch and who plays synths and bass and other electronic sounds by pressing buttons (à la FKJ). Then bring a hiphop drummer into the mix, who occasionally becomes a live looping DJ.

StereoSnap will perform on the main stage on Saturday.

Visit their web page.


When Jan Jakob (DE) picks up his guitar and starts singing, loose and groovy songs come out.

Jan Jakob observes the world passing by him and draws inspiration from it. He covers funny ideas as well as the big and important topics of life. Directly, without detours, but always creatively and unobtrusively.

One thing is certain: when Jan Jakob performs, the audience will have known!

Jan Jakob and his band warm us up for Martin Smith on Saturday night.

Discover more via this link.

KISI (BE) is an international family of children, young people and adults who set out with songs and musicals to the glory of God. Together they want to discover God, develop talents, experience, tell the Good News, and live with Jesus every day.

Twice a year (during the autumn and Easter holidays), KISI brings together a group of children and young people to experience faith together for about five days. During such a camp, a musical is rehearsed and on the last day it is performed before an audience.

There is also time for catechesis, games, prayer, Eucharist, relaxation, good food and lots of fun.

Over the last 10 years, KISI has welcomed hundreds of children and young people.

During the Art of Faith Festival, KISI will perform their mini-musical SPECTOR for young and old on Saturday. Children between 10 and 12 years old will be able to practice during the festival to actively participate in the play.

Follow their latest adventures on this page.


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