Good Weather Forecast found their home a long time ago. The three brothers Flo (vocals), Jonny (guitar) and Dave (drums) Stielper, as well as guitarist Titos Hailom formed a band 10 years ago and initially played a quirky style of music between pop and punk. A little later, current keyboard player Timo Kästner joined them. Things go well right away: after only a few months in the rehearsal room, the guys win the “Rock Without Limits” competition. They tour southern Germany and later they go all over Germany and Europe. To date, several hundred gigs in 15 countries and three continents are on their tally. With the new album “Superhumans”, they have completely redefined their sound. The catchy songs, intelligent lyrics and profound messages are reminiscent of Imagine Dragons, One Republic or Twenty One Pilots yet completely different.

But success is not really what Good Weather Forecast is all about. Besides their music career, they started a ministry in a high school. The five boys, all now fathers, are passionate musicians and passionate Christians. And that is exactly why Good Weather Forecast is still on the road. At mainstream rock festivals, in TV shows and on small club stages, as well as in hundreds of high schools around the world. Their energetic and thoroughly optimistic music is constantly evolving. However, the message of their songs has remained the same all these years. Through their music and live show, they aim to inspire people and give a glimpse of God’s
beauty and love visible.

Read more about GWF on their web page.

Elle Limebear (UK)  is a worship leader, songwriter and artist. She and her husband Tom, along with their children live in Brighton, England. She has been releasing her own music since 2018 and has written songs that have charted internationally. Spending a large part of her time travelling to serve churches all over the world, Elle is wholeheartedly passionate about seeing people find freedom in Christ.

Elle is the daughter of Martin Smith who was on our mainstage last year.

Read more about Elle on her web page.

Since 2006, singer/songwriter Matthijn Buwalda has been on the road with his Dutch songs, and more and more people are discovering his music that can best be described as a mix between kleinkunst and Nederpop. Starting with performances in churches, he made the switch to the theatre in 2012. The result so far: five sold-out theatre tours and a fast-growing audience filling ever-expanding auditoriums. Musical collaborations with Stef Bos, Stephanie Struijk and Jan Smit, among others, show Matthijn’s versatility as a writer as well as a singer. He is one of the writers of the song ‘Dit pakt niemand ons meer af’, which was nominated for a Rembrandt Award in the category Best title song film. He also won the Buma cultuurprijs/Zilveren Duif award in the Best Song category in 2015.

Read more about Matthijn on his web page.

Music brought them together and a shared vision in Christ, kept them together!

The vision of PE Live, ‘to bring the youth of a nation back to God through a musical experience’, was carried in the hearts of musically and diversely gifted friends with a strong desire for a change in the way gospel music is perceived by the youth of our generation. These friends set out to introduce the abundant variations in gospel music to Ghent and other Belgian cities.

In 2021, they became known throughout Belgium through their participation in Belgium’s got talent. Bart Peeters even gave them his Golden Buzzer because of their positive energy, fantastic harmonies and innovative approach to gospel.

Read more about Pe Live on their web page.

Daniel Marx was born in 1983 in Belgium’s oldest city, Tongeren. He grew up in a Christian family. Music played a big role in his family. Already at a very young age, he accompanied church services at the piano. Singing became his great passion. He specialised in close harmony and backing vocals. Together with his family, he performed in Belgium and abroad.

Daniel married Elsbeth in 2012, and moved to the Netherlands. Because of the distance, it became a bit more difficult to sing often with his family. This did give him time to write his own songs.

In 2017, the first studio album was released: “Toon ons wie U bent” . For this, he collaborated with friends from Belgium. Barely one year later, he released his second studio album: “God van trouw”. Since summer 2018, Daniel has been playing regularly with four musician friends in various places in Belgium and the Netherlands.

With his music, he hopes that people get to know Jesus and may experience God as He is: “A faithful Father who is always there for us”, in whatever situation.


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