On May 14 2022 we opened up our festival meadow for our partner organizations and those responsible of organizations interested in our festival and a possible cooperation.

With about 100 enthusiastic persons we set out for an afternoon together. After a short time of getting acquainted having a drink, we had a guided tour around the area by which our visitors got to know the contents of our festival in a playful way.

We took time to pray together for the festival, the preparation, and the visitors. During a Q&A-moment our working together was once again presented and questions could be asked.

Then we went to the festival meadow  to launch our festival. A colourful rainbow of balloons was sent into the world. Everyone may know of it!

In the evening we had time for further talks, getting acquainted  with each other and just being together. We were being spoilt as well with nice food as musically, with the appearances of Papa Jack Couch and DJ Steve R.I.O.T.

So it’s with a good heart that we enter our last year of organizing with the festival as an apotheosis.
And we ask for your prayers for the success of it all and for open hearts by every visitor of the festival.


Marcel Mativa:

“Very oecumenical. You got the chance to learn from each other, to meet new people, all in a friendly and learning spirit.
The idea of letting the balloons fly was fun and original.
The core team was amazing! Working together until the last minute!”