Group tickets

Order tickets in group and enjoy a discounted rate!
For people from 12 years.
A minor must always be accompanied by an adult.

Through our webshop you can buy a group reservation.
This includes 10 anonymous weekend tickets, which will be sent to you immediately.
You can choose to resell these tickets to your members or hand them out for evangelism.
You will receive a discount code* as soon as possible after your reservation that you can send to your members.
With this code they can order their ticket via the webshop.
The discount code must be entered on the checkout page, where they can purchase their ticket for the fixed price of €50.

Group tickets must be purchased in advance and will no longer be available at the box office.
For group tickets, there are no early bird discounts. Children under the age of 12 will have to buy a ticket via the webshop.

*discount code only valid on ‘weekend ticket adult’ and until 7/5/2023.

Are you participating with your group? The step to becoming a “supporter organisation” is quickly taken!
Take a look at our partner page and find out how we want to help you expand your group.

The bigger your group, the more benefits you get during the festival weekend!