He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation”.
(Mark 16, 15)

The Art Of Faith Festival wants to be a gathering of partners that come from every corner of the Christian family.
We believe in co
nnecting and in building God’s kingdom on earth together.


Samuel Verreth – Vineyard Ghent

Wouter Verlaeckt – IJD


As a ‘partner organization’ you would help make this project a reality
by making 
at least one person available that could work on the organization of the festival
alongside us as a team member.
You would also help actively search
for new team members, volunteers, partners and solutions.
You would also help get the word out about the festival.

For the organizations that support the festival in any way,
but cannot take an active role
it is possible to become a supportive partner.
You are willing to promote the festival in your circles of influence
and provide at least one person to be your contact person and ambassador
that acts as your link for the festival.

Bart en Veerle Vandevivere – Community of the Beatitudes

Levi Demaerel – EJV


As a ‘partner organization’ you will have the opportunity
to help 
form the look of this evangelistic event.
You work actively 
to connect with and share dialogue with denominations from different churches,
and you help provide the opportunity to set up a festival that 
has something that appeals to everyone in some way.

You are additionally aware of the latest developments
and you 
are given the opportunity to give your own organization visibility at the festival.

Emeric Goossens – Europascouts

Sally Cnudde – Vineyard Ghent


Is this idea something that does not want to let go of you?
Would you like some more information?
Please get a hold of us by using the 
contact form and let us know you would like to be a partner organization.
Or call +32 472 56 07 98.