Art Expo

Art of Faith loves music and visual art. Therefore, there will be an exhibition at Bornem Abbey. Here, visitors can find peace and reflect. The festival aims to bring together Christians of all ages and walks of life.
In this edition, too, we want to give artists the opportunity to exhibit their work. The weekend will kick off an art exhibition that will last until 25 May.

We invite artists to work on the theme ‘Encounter’. What are for you special encounters with God, fellow believers or loved ones that inspire you to create art for this exhibition? Works can be submitted and from these a selection will be made for the art exhibition. Everyone is invited to participate. Various art forms can be submitted such as paintings, ceramics, glass art, conceptual etc.


Art Brunch

Art of Faith Festival is all about art and faith. Christians come to enjoy the talents of musicians, visual artists, actors, dancers and word artists. Many of these artists are on the playing field between the safe Christian world and the secular world. Some artists have like-minded people around them, but many Christian artists feel alone. Art of Faith Festival therefore creates a number of moments at the festival where artists can meet and receive equipping and encouragement to create art from Christian identity.


Brunch (16+) 10:00-12:00 with inspirational moment by Carla Veldhuis. Cost: €12.50 (to be purchased before April 27 via ticket shop AOFF)
Workshops 12:00-16:00 where various Christian artists will take you on a path of encouragement and equipping.
Meet and greet with the Artist 14:30-16:00 Meeting of festival visitors with artists exhibiting.


Impression of art expo 2023

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