Discover upcoming activities of our partner organisations below.

27/5/2023 – LEUVEN

Jerusalem Community

Pentecost vigil at 8pm at 72 Bogaarden Street.

3/6/2023 – ANTWERP

Antwerp Christian Fellowship

The Jesus Film brings the story of Jesus to life. We want everyone around the world to know someone who truly follows Jesus. That is why we believe the film is an ideal opportunity to get to know Jesus better. An encounter with Jesus changes your life and is the first step to following Him. With more than 2020 translations, the film is the most translated film in history. The film has been viewed more than 6.2 billion times, making it the most watched film in history. Those who meet Jesus–who see Him smile, who hear Him speak in their own language, and own accent–are forever changed. The Jesus film is now in Flemish!

More info: https://antwerpchristianfellowship.org/events/

30/6/2023-2/7/2023 – SPA

Gemeenschap Maria-Kefas

Open community weekend, all welcome.

More info: https://mariakefas.be/weekend-spa-2023/

1/7/2023-30/7/2023 – GHENT

Protestante Kerk Brabantdam

‘Guilt and Innocence’ exhibition at the Protestant Church Ghent-Centrum (Brabantdam) with work by internationally renowned sculptor Sophie Muller. Internalisation becomes tangible in her work.

More info: https://www.protestantsekerk-gentcentrum.be/welkom/

1/7/2023-2/7/2023 – BRUSSELS

Gemeenschap Emmanuel

At the beginning of summer, we want to make time to reflect, re-energise and receive ‘new strength’. From different perspectives, we will hear how people draw strength from their faith. We listen to testimonies about the experience that God can lead us to new paths!

More info: https://zomerweekend.be/

24/7/2023-6/8/2023 – LISBON


Are you between 16 and 30 years old, fascinated by Christianity and not afraid of some adventure? Then the World Youth Days are just the thing for you!
From 1 to 6 August, young people from all over the world will gather in Lisbon to meet, have fun and live the faith together. To prepare you as well as possible for this week in Lisbon, IJD Jongerenpastoraal Vlaanderen also offers a pre-programme in the week before. Are you ready to join us for the experience of a lifetime?

More info: https://lissabon2023.be



KRIEBELKAMP is especially for children who are going to camp for the very first time and want to learn about camp life.

OMNIOKAMP the camp has all the ingredients for a good, relaxed and real PJV camp

KIDAZ. In this camp, we offer numerous fun activities. The camp is specifically for children with disabilities.

LEADERS Would you like to invest in young people, be part of a fun leader group and have a great time at camp? Then we are looking for you!

More info: https://pjv.be/activiteiten

19/8/2023 – GHENT

Gave Veste

Come to this cool family celebration! A day of relaxation, children’s entertainment, meeting, food and drink, worship and equipping.
Those who attended last year know: you don’t want to miss this!

More info: https://gaveveste.be/familiedag/

september 2023 – FLANDERS


Want to discover Europascouts? Come to our kick-off day! Keep an eye on our website for the date!

More info: https://www.scouts-europe.be/?lang=nl

16/9/2023 – GHENT


Alpha Flanders is organising a training and inspiration day at the Clemenspoort in Ghent on Saturday 16 September for churches, parishes and communities that want to get started with Alpha or hear more about it.

More info: www.alphavlaanderen.be

14/10/2023 – ZAVENTEM


Learn the basics of song composition and put them into practice. Papa Jack Couch will walk with you through composing, recording, and maybe even releasing a song!

More info: https://www.om.org/be/be_en/content/songwriting-workshop