When does the festival start and end?

On Fridays, the campsite is accessible from 3 pm. The festival starts at 5pm. On Sunday we expect that as many festival-goers as possible will have left the site at 2:30 pm.

What are the times of the program?

The program – and any last-minute changes – can be followed via our website or our Whatsapp-community. We provide paper programs.

How old do I have to be to attend Art of Faith?

All ages are welcome at Art of Faith.

Is the festival wheelchair friendly?

We’re doing the best we can to make the terrain wheelchair friendly. A few wheelchair toilets are provided. It is a festival terrain and we cannot guarantee that all program blocks will be accesible by wheel chair.

Are there activities for children, between which hours?

You will be able to consult the children’s programme on our website.
Friday: 5 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. ; Saturday: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. ; Sunday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Shows on Saturday: Marcel & Lydia Zimmer 11 a.m. ; Elmar Hofstee (magician) 4 p.m.

From what age are children looked after?

Baby care (quiet space for parents and baby): 0-2 years
Pre-school programme: 3-6 years
Primary school programme: 7-12 years
Teenage programme: 13-21 years

Can I access the site with animals?

Animals are not allowed on the festival site.

Can I see a plan of the festival site in advance?

A plan of the festival site will be made available on our website a few days is advance.


Will there be lockers at the festival?

No, there are no lockers at the festival.

Are there power outlets at the festival?

No. If needed, you can charge your items at the info stand.

How can I pay?

At the festival you preferably pay by Payconiq. Cash and bancontact are also possibilities.

Can I buy cigarettes?

You cannot buy cigarettes at the festival.

Is WIFI available on the festival site?


Can I bring a camera to the festival?

Photos and videos may be taken and shared with #aoff. For the distribution of images through official channels, you must ask permission from the organizer.

Can I take my medication with me?

Medication may be taken at the festival. Narcotics or abuse of medication are not allowed. In case these are used, the organization will contact the local order authorities.

Can I bring my laptop or tablet to the festival?

The organization is not responsible in case of theft or theft of objects from the festivalgoers. We therefore recommend leaving expensive objects at home.

What food may I bring?

Bringing and/or consuming your own drinks is allowed.
Consuming a picnic is tolerated, but it is good to keep in mind that we need the income from the food outlets to get out of costs.


What if I didn’t get any tickets?

Check your spam box or send an email with your question to

Do I have to check out every time I leave the festival?

You will receive a wristband when entering the festival site, with which you have unlimited entrance and exit during the days you have reserved.

Will I get acces to every show with a weekend ticket?


Can I buy tickets for individual shows?

You can buy a day ticket for Friday, Saturday or Sunday, not per performance.

Do you offer family or children’s tickets?

With a family ticket you can come to our festival cheaply. There are olso adjusted prices for children.


What if I am personally unable to attend and want to cancel? Can I resell my ticket?

A ticket can be resold or passed on. It can only be scanned once. The passing on of festival bands is prohibited.

What kind of camping facilities are there?

You can camp on our camping-site with your own tent. Try to pack lightly, because the festival meadow is a long way from the parking and it is standard not possible to drive there with your car.

Anyone bringing a lot of equipment (e.g. for a large group) can drive their car up to the campsite under certain strict conditions to load and unload. This is only possible during certain hours and with prior permission. Please send an e-mail to for more information and permission.

Can I come to the camping-site with my caravan? If not, where can I place it?

Motorized camping facilities cannot be placed on our camping-site. You can possibly find a place at one of the car parks in the area. More info here.

Do you provide any sleeping arrangements inside?

Art of Faith cannot provide any sleeping arrangements inside. There are several B&B’s and hotels in the neighbourhood.

Are there any activities at the campsite?

No, there are no activities going on at the campsite.

Is supervision provided at the campsite for children during evening hours?

No. You are responsible for your children after the children’s programme ends.

Can I get free potable water at the camping-site?

Taps are provided with free drinking-water.

Are there showers at the camping-site?

You can take a shower at the camping-site. This is included in the camping fee.

Can I smoke at the camping-site?


Is there food available at the camping-site?

No. All dining options are located on the festival site.

Will there be lockers on the camping-site?


At what time does the last concert end?

Our program ends at midnight. The last performance (after 11pm) takes place on the small stage, which is further from the camping-site.

Is there a minimum age to camping?


What can I eat and drink?

On the food square there will be several food trucks with a variety of dishes.
Breakfast is organized by the AOFF team.
There are two bars on the festival site with fresh drinks and there is a coffe shop.
The site has drinking water taps, which you can use free of charge.

What may I bring myself?

Bringing and/or consuming your own drinks is allowed.
Consuming a picnic is tolerated, but it is good to keep in mind that we need the income from the food outlets to get out of costs.

How can I pay?

You can pay with bancontact, Payconiq or cash.

How does the cup system work?

With your first drink, you will rent a cup. You can exchange this cup at any time for an ecotoken and vice versa. This way we are contributing to a healthy climate.

Do you have a question that hasn’t been resolved? You can contact us via the contact form or send an e-mail to