As a volunteer, you will work one or more shifts of 3 hours each throughout the weekend.
During these shifts, you can expect some variety in your duties. Your range of tasks depends on the team in which you work.
In fact, you can sign up for four different teams. Within your chosen team, you will take on different tasks.
Each team is managed by a manager, to whom you can always turn.
The four teams are:

Art of Construction

The Construction Team mainly rolls up its sleeves before and after the festival. Together we build everything up and take it down again. Setting up Nadars and heras, putting up tents, hanging lamps, dragging tables and chairs, filling fridges, rolling out electricity cables, and so on. Together we make sure visitors are welcomed at a cosy and comfortable festival site. During build-up and build-down, we’re expecting flexibility and multifunctional availability so that things run smoothly.

Art of Hospitality

As a member of the Hospitality Team, you will help welcome our visitors and provide them with all the necessary information. This package of tasks includes welcoming visitors, scanning tickets, selling tokens, playing the living signpost, etc. You will become a point of contact at our festival to whom people can turn with all their (practical) questions.

Art of Service

The Service Team goes one step further. This team takes care of all practical tasks during the festival. Manning the bar, emptying bins, cleaning the sanitary facilities, moving tables and chairs, cleaning the festival grounds … All these services make the festival weekend a top experience for our visitors!

Art of Stewarding

Safety above all! Our Stewarding Team guarantees the safe running of the festival. You check whether all visitors are wearing wristbands, keep an eye on the campsite, allocate parking spaces, etc. Our stewards have a big responsibility, but their presence is indispensable.

Specific task

Have you been contacted by one of our staff members to perform a specific task, or are you performing such a task because you are a member of our coordination team? If so, please tick the ‘other’ box and let us know what you will be responsible for. Tasks that are specifically assigned include children’s service, teen counselling, hosting artists, presentation …